Looking for A New Way to Engage Your Members?

31 10 2007

An interesting post comes from the authors of the Experience Economy. They list what they refer to as a “ladder of models of engagement” using various kinds of open innovation “co-creation” methods for developing products and services. Some of these such as crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, peer production, and open business models have been showcased here on os.a previously.

From their site:

What exactly is the peer to peer dynamic we so often refer to in our contributions? The important shift to remember is in my view the following: instead of institutions dealing with what are assumed to be atomized individuals, through mass media, directing products to ‘passive consumers’, it should from now on be considered that such individuals are always already connected through peer groups. Not just one, but a multitude of them, both pre-existing, but also intensional networks that are purposely formed at various point in life, in order to achieve specific goals. This turns institutions into facilitators and enablers.

To see what this means in terms of relationships between institution and community, we have created a ladder of participation model, which comes in two parts. The first starts from the point of view of the for-profit institution, and considers the degree of participation that will be allowed. In this context, the initiative comes from the company, and though there may be pressure by its ‘consumers’, the political framework is controlled by the corporation. Such a model has been worked out by Xavier Comtesse, and he calls it the direct economy model.