Case 4 Change

Did you ever wonder what it must have been like to live during the Renaissance period? Did people realize how fundamental their world was changing?

How innovations in thought, word and deed created new ways to work and live?


One wonders whether we live in a similar period today.


A host of disruptive innovations in business models, product and service development, and customer experiences, combine with the rise of some of the most creative, demanding, and collaborative consumers are changing our world just as if we were living during the time of DaVinci and Botticelli.

Why should an association consider alternative approaches to defining its value, creating or delivering its products and services, or redesigning its infrastructure? Should associations that are not affected by poor membership or non-dues revenue growth be concerned enough to study these disruptive forces?

This section showcases why it behooves ANY association to examine the disruptive forces changing how one creates business opportunity, grows and sustains member and customer participation, and delivers experiences faster, better and more cost effectively in a world of fundamental change.

We shall examine such Disruptors of Status Quo as the:

  • Demographic Global Tsunami -the NetGeneration (Millenials) have unique cultural norms that make it critical for organizations to understand in order to rethink what, who and how of creating, delivering and sharing value
  • Technology As A Platform for Self-Expression – open source software’s “four horsemen” (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) have delivered exciting innovations of computing power to unlock the creative vision and industry of people around the world
  • Open Source As An Engine of Innovation – once only considered a phenomenon of the software industry open source is now seen as a means to innovate business models, product and service development, and customer engagement as never before
  • Global Marketplace – thanks to technology the opportunity to attract customers, members, and partners around the globe has never been easier

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