Monday’s ASAE Session on Open Innovation

21 08 2008

Thanks to all for attending our session and for Chuck Davis from InnoCentive for coming to the ASAE and Center AGM in San Diego this year.

Here are our slides from the session titled, “Associations Next: Using Open Business Models to Create New Value.”

Note: Session was recorded by ASAE & Center so you can play them together from here.

Session Introduction provided by Jeff De Cagna of Principled Innovation.

Peter’s presentation (downloads should be played in slide mode)

Chuck’s presentation (no downloads permitted)

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Make sure to review the posts and links of open innovation research from McKinsey, Forrester,etc as well as more examples of open business models from the column on the main page of os.a.




2 responses

22 08 2008
Chuck Davis

Hey Peter, Chuck here from InnoCentive – Where The World Innovates.

Thanks for inviting InnoCentive to this ASAE event. Your and Jeff’s knowledge of the Association space and Open Innovation/Crowdsourcing blends much needed value for the Next Version of Associations. Early movers will benefit from incremental branding as an Innovative Association worthy of being a member of.

I spoke to many Innovative people running Associations and number of Thought Leaders during this conference and gained some great insight from them all. My gut says that this time next year there will be some great case studies of success between Associations and InnoCentive. I look forward to reporting on great successes as they happen.

I’ll let you and Jeff know when success happens. Your innovation here has kicked off some paths of change and I appreciate the opportunity to learn and absorb Association thinking from you both.

2 12 2008
Bookmarks about Innovation

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