The “I” Disease Threatens to Ruin Social Networks

1 08 2008

Social media and online communities have great potential for fostering the growth and development of fresh thinking, exciting new products or services, or just to challenge the status quo.   But it is sad that more and more we wade through a thick soup of “I this” or “Me that” in how we communicate or collaborate.

This threatens the very heart of the credibility of Web 2.0 and other new approaches to management thinking among the wider audience who creates and consumes digital content.  The sharpest critics of open innovation of all kinds…the ones who still think email is a productivity tool…that listservs are our best way to collaborate… can happily point to this “me”ans of communication as further proof that the crowd is wrong, that the rank and file should never be allowed to collaborate or have a say in how products or services are developed with volunteer leaders and staff.

Good leaders lead by staying focused on the mission and being passionate without fear of losing the  attribution or critical acclaim.   They are the ones more respected by others because they can see their motives aren’t about self-promotion.

Let’s help ourselves.  Present ideas and opinions with force and passion but with a little less “me.”




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