Grow…Live…Make A Difference

24 10 2007

It’s All about Growth

Growth is perhaps the most critical measure to determine one’s impact in the world.

  • Natural systems from plants to animals need to grow to survive and thrive
  • Organizations need to grow to demonstrate relevance among its constituents, stakeholders, and society
  • Professions and industries need to grow in order to create economic, societal or environmental value defined by those they serve
  • People need to grow as a means of reaching their potential for creating wealth in as well-rounded a way as we can (financially, intellectually, emotionally) to impact not only ourselves but also others positively

Absent of growth, we atrophy. We fall into practices that deliver less value to ourselves and those around us. And ultimately, we draw more and more life sustaining resources away from what matters to prop up what doesn’t.

Expanding Perspective & Market Opportunity

The true purpose of this blog has always been about seeing things differently and then seizing the opportunity you find.

My sabbatical draws to an end of this month, a nine month period of self-reflection, passionate study from a different perspective, conversation and debate with peers, and future planning. What I learned and experienced I shared in os.a in part to capture my discoveries but also to share them as a way to inspire others in their own journey of discovery in open innovation.

I continue on my own path with the exciting news that I shall be working to assist US-based associations develop global growth strategies and the means to execute them. In my role as Director of Business Development US Institutional Market for the MCI Group, an international association management consultancy and service center located in 20 cities and 13 countries around the world.

Having developed global growth strategy for two international associations, I am eager to collaborate with MCI Group to help other associations develop new opportunities for growth by developing country-specific entry strategies and offering local management services in Europe and Asia from marketing, business development, training, meetings, membership development to publishing.

I hired MCI years ago to re-open a European presence which led to strong membership and product growth, I look forward to sharing their capabilities and track record of experience with my colleagues in association management.

After all, it is all about growth.

os.a… Continues!

My passion for open innovation has not ended. In fact, I hope to spread its potential. So this blog will continue by covering a wide variety of practices, new studies, and views on how we can apply open innovation.

In the coming weeks look for more stories on value networks and some really useful tools like value creation analysis, impact and exchange analysis.

See you then.





2 responses

25 10 2007
Maddie Grant

Congrats on your new job!! I definitely look forward to continued reading.

25 10 2007
Tony Rossell

Peter — Sounds very exciting. I love to see people connect their passion and their work. Keep us posted. Tony

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