opensource.association – Post Archive – Fall 2007

3 10 2007

Here is the post archive for Fall 2007 covering Qtr3 2007.

The Walled Garden Strategy Loses Another One –

Further evidence of the Long Tail’s impact on opening subscriber-only content to draw prospects in through free consumption.

Predicting Customer Need, Trends, Challenges Via Prediction Markets

Real-time customer feedback + interactive, compelling customer engagement = better intelligence on needs and concerns of the customer.

Inbox Disease – Productivity Lives Beyond Email

If you want to be more productive you need to rely less on email…sorry blackberry addicts.

Open Business Model Player InnoCentive Radically Expands Its Markets

Not just for chemists anymore… try engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, designers, and business professionals. It’s your move.

Your Future Is in the Hands of Others

Content and product co-creation is fast becoming a required management discipline and will force you to adjust how you engage your members. Participation is the 5th P.

Gallup: Cultures That Promote Strengths & Engagement = Better Products & Services

Research suggests orgs who have systems to manage and build on the strengths of your staff and volunteers and then adjust their roles to play to those strengths perform better than those who don’t.

Which Builds Trust & Innovation Better: Networks or Hierarchies?

Command and control hierarchies require networks to innovate or risk becoming anachronistic.

A Wealth of Networks – Value Creation for the 21st Century

The global knowledge economy has caused fundamental change in how value is designed and produced. Networked systems is the new engine and there are different kinds for different purposes.

Does Facebook or MySpace Command Marketshare? Depends Where You Live

There is no single dominant player among social networking services globally.

What Is Customer/Member Engagement?

A multi-level look at creating an organization and products/services that deliver personalized value to customers – org strategy, product design, customer experience.

Want to Innovate? Promote Open, Dynamic, Diverse Participation

HBR says develop an end to end disciplined approach for turning an idea into a product or service from idea generation to conversion to gaining market acceptance.

de Tocqueville revisited – an open letter response

If the 19th Century social scientist were alive today, could he offer guidance on how associations should adapt its closed model to become more open to promote innovation and better participation?

Open Innovation Bloggers – Cures, Geo 2.0, Wikipatterns & More

Some great resources on Web 2.0…like a information portal on using wikis for a host of projects. Must read.

Amazon Broadens the Long Tail for the Citizen Content Publisher

If you havent heard of CreateSpace, you should. Now your members can sell their own works via a free Amazon-like e-commerce system. This ties neatly with other open access publishing systems.

Must Watch TV- InnoCentive’s Business Model Explored

Learn about the “intermediary market” open business model from the CEO himself.

DIY Community Turns Good Ideas into Profitable Ventures

Another excellent open business model player called Big Idea Group for associations to model.

Think Different

An engaging video that demonstrates the difference that Web 2.0 can add to your member/customer experience strategy.

Blogger Buzz on Associations, Conversations and Managing People

Some great posts from the association blogger world.

How Business Uses Web 2.0 – It’s All About Relevance Says McKinsey Study

Research from McKinsey shows blogs, wikis and web services are paying off.

Lego My Favorite Movie…Brick Head!

A break from the action brought to you by Lego and Monty Python.

Form Venture Capital from Your Own Customers

Great idea with no funding source? Work it through your own customer base using crowdfunding strategies.

Combine Learning While Co-Producing News & You Get Youth Radio

Internet radio combined with online community. Youth Radio shows how new media could drive content consumption. Imagine your association offering such a service.

Open Innovation Research Feature on opensource.association

os.a now tracks research in open innovation and shares the best. Link can be found off the right hand column.

McKinsey Study on User-Generated Content Confirms the LongTail

Another McKinsey study this one shows how the Long Tail is catching on with business.

Katrina Requiem – Two Years On

Beauty from the horror that remains Katrina-ravaged New Orleans.

20 Slides, 20 Seconds = Great Fun, Great Pitch

A great way to share ideas fast…powerpoint with a twist.

Trust & Transparency – AMA and Sermo (Part 2)

An update on the AMA’s new service provider Sermo and what’s wrong with it.

Trouble Building Community or Custom Products and Services? Try the Lead User Method

MIT Sloan’s product development strategy that let’s you innovate with your leading edge customers.

More Companies Using Product Co-Creation Strategies

If a small audio company can run a 12,000 member customer community to help them develop their products, why do associations have so much trouble?

A Moment for Sober Reflection

According to the US Department of Labor, 1 in 4 people have been with their current employer for less than one year and 1 in 2 less than 5 years. And they say that today’s students will have between 10-14 jobs by their 38th birthday.

ASAE Annual 2007 – Innovation through Sustainability, Inclusiveness, Customer Need

From the ASAE Center Annual… on what a social responsibility strategy ought to be and an argument for “opening” the governance and product development processes of old closed association models.

ASAE Annual 2007 – Hiding in Plain Sight: Open Innovation + Product Development

Another post on ASAE Center Annual… Closed ended models of governance and product development in an era of open innovation and product co-creation is THE CANCER in association management today.

Open Innovation to Promote Sustainable Development & Social Innovation – ASHOKA

Spotlight on ASHOKA and Changemakers.

DIY Private Label YouTube Video Channel

Perhaps one of the most important lessons from the recent US Presidential Debates that featured the Democratic candidates on CNN and YouTube was not the user-generated videos but the CNN/YouTube video channel itself.

Online Community Around A Running Shoe?

A look at Nike’s NikePlus site and a lesson in how to develop a community around a product.

Free Online Peer Review Management Tools

The proliferation of free applications now extends to the online management of the entire peer review process for conference/journal content management.

Businesses That Excel at Customer Experience Mgmt Lead in Profitability

Forget GE or WallMart, the most profitable models are not driven by operational excellence but rather by superior customer experience. Here’s the proof.

Minnesota Public Radio Proves Open Innovation Journalism Works

A lesson in how to redesign your publishing operation from the folks at public radio.

Further Evidence Wikis and Blogs More Productive Than Email

Social Computing News reports how another company (this time Motorola) is increasing productivity and communication by relying less on email and more on a variety of networking tools like wikis and blogs.

Gannett’s Content Co-Creation Experiment Seems to Work

In the August issue of Wired magazine (page 86), you’ll learn that the model combining content co-creation strategies and hyper-local advertising looks to be a winner.

More Evidence Shows Community Drives Product Sales

A 2006 Forrester Research survey that further demonstrates the power of online community to boost customer interaction and purchasing.

HBR Launches Virtual Case Studies Around Reader Community

Harvard is cultivating Community by extending the customer experience of their paper based journal.

Customer Complaints Increase in Production Value Product Co-Creation

If you ever wonder how creative your customers or members might be, this example is a hilarious one. Letters of complaint pale in comparison. Viewership is over 1.8 million.

Sharing Pre-Published Emerging Research Results & Other Ideas

Nature Precedings is a place for researchers to share documents, including presentations, posters, white papers, technical papers, supplementary findings, and manuscripts. It provides a rapid way to disseminate emerging results and new theories, solicit opinions, and record the provenance of ideas. It also makes such material easy to archive, share and cite. The whole service is free of charge.

Trends in Content Co-Creation as “Citizen Media”

Dan Gillmor, director and founder of the Center for Citizen Media and the author of “We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People,” shared some interesting perspective on trends he is seeing.

The Emerging Business Unit As An Innovation Engine

A 2003 London School of Business Innovation Study shows that organizations who focus solely on “incremental” product or service enhancement cannot stem decline in their own market as they mature and new players come online.

User Product Innovation Examined @ MIT

Empirical research is finding that users rather than producers are the actual developers of many or most new products and services, and that they are a major locus of innovative activity in the economy.

Emerging Business Units As A Means to Develop Innovation with Customer Involvement

A six person team from the Economist magazine group were tasked to create an innovative web-based product, service or business model by July 2007.

Business Will Profit through Energy Efficiency and Better Design

Amory Lovins, CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute, delivered an interesting presentation at the last AAAS Annual Meeting demonstrating various opportunities for business to grow and profit through better process and product design.

Blogging + YouTube-Styled Video = Financial Fun from Wallstrip

Here is a site that offers quality content along with a good helping of tongue-in-cheek comic relief to prove that new media and blogging can combine to create a refreshing alternative for engaging your audience.

CRM Delivered by Co-Creating Products & Services

Martha Rogers from One-to-One fame urges content providers to adapt their design and production systems to involve the end user.

Solutions Designed by Nature That Business Needs

Business has some great opportunities to learn how Nature has designed elegant solutions for some tough man-made problems. Unfortunately, business interest has been slow except among a few innovative thinkers. Here is a sample from Nature’s database of best practices.

Creative Commons Founder to Tackle the Opacity of American Politics

Lawrence Lessig is shifting gears and backing off as a leader working to rebalance the world of copyright, trademark among others. He sees a new challenge. One that in his view has made American politics and government less effective and efficient…The American Political Process.

Can Cradle to Cradle Spur Innovation? Spread the Word

The future is not about cutting back and doing without. It’s about rethinking how we design our businesses and products or services to be more efficient, less wasteful, more profitable, more sustainable.
New Media Breathes Life into Old World Publishing & Research

The thinkers at JoVE the Journal of Visualized Experiments believe you can use the Internet to create entirely new ways to conduct and disseminate research by “employing visualization to increase reproducibility and transparency in biological sciences.”

One Company’s Progress in Achieving “Eco-Effectiveness” – A Look Behind Herman Miller

An interesting interview conducted by with Paul Murray, Director of Environmental Health and Safety for Herman Miller, sheds light on the vision and commitment required to innovate by pursuing a sustainable business strategy.




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