Amazon Broadens the Long Tail for the Citizen Content Publisher

5 09 2007

Think you know Amazon? Think again. They want to publish all your stuff – text, music, or new media “on demand” when you say. Traditional publishers need not apply.

CreateSpace publishes all kinds of stuff for you budding authors, musicians, and new media producers using a radical business model. You pay nothing for project setup of your books, audio CDs, DVDs, Blue-Ray media and digital video downloads, enabling you to offer your works to millions of customers worldwide and to determine the prices of your products yourself.

Blogger Openeur from Germany shares his thoughts on this model.

“Amazon is ensuring exclusive access to media contents of media creators, massively expanding its already very far reaching Long Tail.”

“Amazon enlarges its producer margins compared to its function as a distributor enormously. Through a sale over, the company earns for instance with a single DVD 45 percent of the purchase price and through a sale over the CreateSpace E-Store 15 percent, each time plus a fixed charge per unit of 4,95 dollar.

So as associations we must again extend our radar to another potential play that gives member content creators the means to self-publish AND self-promote AND self-distribute. Combine the other Web 2.0 tools for collaboration, community, etc. and the importance of opening our business models, product development practices and communities has never been more important.

P.S. A few months back I posted an entertaining video of the future that featured a massive conglomerate called “GoogleZon” – the merger of Google and Amazon in 2015. The student producers of this piece might be on to something.




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