20 Slides, 20 Seconds = Great Fun, Great Pitch

29 08 2007

If I said “Pecha Kucha”… you would say…? …… Gesundheit?

If you lived in Tokyo or maybe Europe and were a designer or web techie, chances are you and your friends know all about Pecha Kucha (Japanese for “chatter”)

What is it? Think rapid fire presentations meets “open mic” poetry readings.

PK is an event that started in Tokyo and has expanded worldwide.

It is all about people giving “lightning talks” via short presentations designed to be a fun, interesting and compact way for many ideas to be communicated in a short space of time. You have 20 slides and you must cycle through each in 20 seconds. So do the math ….. 400 seconds or 6 minutes 40 seconds.

The 20:20 format encourages highly focused, fast-moving presentations, and helps to keep audience attention riveted on each presentation, to keep things a bit unpredictable and surprising.

How it works

20:20 presentations work best when they have a creative and entertaining angle, rather than being strictly technical (or, heaven forbid, product pitches) – when they are kept casual, engaging, and fun while still getting a point across in a memorable way.

So put in some interesting images where appropriate and think about the transitions between each slides – dropping in some little surprises here and there.

I ran across this first at reboot 9.0 conference held in Denmark, but quickly learned PK has a global following all its own.

Here is a an example of a set of slides using Pecha Kucha approach.

Here is a link to a set of templates for ppt and keynote that has a 20 second delay built into them.

This might be fun to try at the next ASAE and the Center Annual…. Any takers?




One response

31 08 2007

I’m mesmerized by this idea. It seems like every sticky idea should be easily adapted to Pecha Kucha…and if you can’t adapt it, it’s not sticky enough.

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