DIY Private Label YouTube Video Channel

2 08 2007

Perhaps one of the most important lessons from the recent US Presidential Debates that featured the Democratic candidates on CNN and YouTube was not the user-generated videos but the CNN/YouTube video channel itself.

Thanks to YouTube any individual or enterprise can create their own private label on demand video channel and broadcast it around the world.

Imagine how much this would have cost without YouTube…

One business that gets this is Al Jazeera’s English language cable TV network. Not able to be broadcasted over US cable systems, Al Jezeera is using the Internet as their distribution channel. So far, it has become one of the most popular channels on YouTube reaching 299,000+ views and 6,500+ subscribers.

YouTube not only let’s you upload videos but provides viral marketing tools for viewers to share them online. They also provide embedded comment tools for subscribers to share their ideas and opinions.

This is an opportunity for your organization to get into the broadcast medium on the cheap and tell better stories about your industry or profession in compelling ways.




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