Sharing Pre-Published Emerging Research Results & Other Ideas

19 07 2007

An interesting experiment in collaboration is taking place at Nature.

Nature Precedings is a place for researchers to share documents, including presentations, posters, white papers, technical papers, supplementary findings, and manuscripts. It provides a rapid way to disseminate emerging results and new theories, solicit opinions, and record the provenance of ideas. It also makes such material easy to archive, share and cite. The whole service is free of charge.

The content on this site is pre-peer review so it is seen as being a complementary service “added value” to help promote researcher collaboration and communication.

“Practicing for Profit” As A Revenue Service

So I wonder what new kinds of customer experiences might we create by adding other valuable services further along the value chain of the researcher (or anyone who seeks to be published in a peer-review setting)?

For instance, why not create a whole new line of business that lets your researchers practice their work within your association by creating a “seeker” and”solver” online service similar to Eli Lilly’s InnoCentive?

(Read previous posts on InnoCentive here)

Imagine expanding the value of your membership by being able to pursue science research AND get it published. Wouldn’t that expand the value of your publishing services? Wouldn’t that improve the perceived member value and instantly differentiate you versus other open access models?

This could radically change how associations create value from their membership. Instead of being in the business of selling commodities (e.g. education, meetings, certification, publishing) which have become less competitive these days, we could create services that let people practice their professions.

Why let the for profit world take advantage of such innovations and capture the revenue?

If you fear that your publishing hegemony is being threatened by other market disruptions, let’s change the game and add new services that your members can use in their practice.




2 responses

20 07 2007
Dennis McDonald

Helping members do what they do — a great idea!

20 07 2007
Peter Turner

Hi Dennis

A post stemming from our morning coffee at St Elmo’s last week. Hope you are well.


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