Trends in Content Co-Creation as “Citizen Media”

17 07 2007

Dan Gillmor, director and founder of the Center for Citizen Media and the author of “We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People,” shared some interesting perspective on trends he is seeing.

  • Recognition of Citizen Media – growing references on the web and research studies underway
  • Traditional Media Get It Now – more and more are applying content co-creation techniques via blogs, new media, etc.
  • Backlash – fears raised by the late adopters (e.g. Encyclopedia Britannica)
  • Tools and Ideas – an explosion of new applications, devices for people to use to create and manage content
  • Business Issues – challenge to find the right model
  • Experimentation Is Cheap – cost of failure gets lower
  • Experiments – mobile platforms and apps and objective-level content
  • Ethics, Reliability, Civility – opportunity for further improvement
  • Assisting Trust – new ways to identify and manage “quality” contributions
  • Media Literacy – principles to live by as consumers and producers of content

The full article can be found here.




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