Can Cradle to Cradle Spur Innovation? Spread the Word

26 06 2007

If you agree, vote “yes.” Technorati’s “Where’s the Fire” is a service that helps people share important ideas that deserve to be heard.

You can increase the visibility of the words and deeds of Bill McDonough, his Cradle to Cradle design protocol, and how it is being deployed by companies like Interface Carpet.

Business can become the solution to environmental and social problems because this time “business will be designed right.”

Waste will cease to become an external cost that business externalizes and let’s others handle. In fact, it will become someone else’s food or raw materials for their business. If that happens we might even need to rely less on politicians and regulators because the paradigm will have shifted.

Sound Utopian? It’s happening now at Nike, Herman Miller, Interface Carpet…the list goes on. Hey even the Chinese government has adopted the strategy to build six new cities.

Listen to a CEO of a billion dollar carpet company – Ray Anderson explain the “business case” that led them to rethink their business.

Or here from Bill McDonough himself (click on image below)

The future is not about cutting back and doing without. It’s about rethinking how we design our businesses and products or services to be more efficient, less wasteful, more profitable, more sustainable.

It can all be done at the same time.

Cradle to Cradle design protocol

Help it get into the conversation stream where you live. Vote here and help spread the word.




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