New Media Breathes Life into Old World Publishing & Research

25 06 2007

By jove I think they have something here….

If you are a scientist chances are you feel the old ways of conducting research have become obstacles to innovation.

  • Increased complexity makes rapid transfer of knowledge more and more difficult outstripping the capabilities of old scientific paper-based peer review journals to communicate and spread this knowledge quickly and accurately
  • Reproducing newly published studies has become harder to do as the need to learn new laboratory techniques and procedures slows the whole process down. Methodologies are undergoing significant changes every few years creating new constraints to time and the cost of training and re-training

The thinkers at JoVE the Journal of Visualized Experiments believe you can use the Internet to create entirely new ways to conduct and disseminate research by “employing visualization to increase reproducibility and transparency in biological sciences.” According to the founders:

“Visualization greatly facilitates the understanding and efficient reproduction of fundamental experimental techniques, therefore contributing to the solution of two of the most challenging problems faced by today’s life science research community: (1) low transparency and reproducibility of biological experiments and (2) time-consuming learning of experimental techniques.

Presently, JoVE is an open access tool in life science publication and communication. The site is free and charges nothing to post videos. It is run by volunteers currently but the founders hope that the journal will someday pay for itself through ads from manufacturers of lab equipment using the Google model.

JoVE allows a researcher to publish experiments in all its dimensions, overcoming the inherent limitations of traditional print journals, thus adding a whole new quality to the communication of your experimental work and research results.

Click on the image below to see a visualized experiment sample.

Better Storytelling & Community

It is a good example of an open business model using online communities to power content that is using new media to work around old obstacles for sharing and disseminating information.

Imagine the possibilities for traditional journals in other areas of science or even non-scientific professions. How could you use new media to create more compelling stories about the value and potential of your content?




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