opensource.association – Post Archive – Spring 2007

22 06 2007

Believe it or not the above is a diagram of the internet.

For more easy review of past content from this site, please use the following handy post archive for Spring 2007.

A US Presidential Run Using Open Source Strategy? 06-21

might a Bloomberg candidacy use open source to make a third party run work?

MBDC – Helping Business Rethink Business 6-20

McDonough & Braungart’s “next industrial age” consultancy making C2C a business necessity

An Inside Out View of News Production: BBC Let’s the Viewer Follow Along 06-19

bringing the news consumer into “as it happens” news production

Open Innovation Strategies in Today’s News 06-18

peer production and crowdsourcing finally getting front page national attention

When Is a Product Promotion Not a Product Promotion? 06-13

young entrepreneurs at skinnyCorp (owners of use “interactive” podcasting in creative and engaging ways

Rules to Grow Community By: Sell T-Shirts, Make Up to $100K a Month 06-13 proves you can co-design and co-produce product with your customers and make millions

A 90+ Year Old Association Tackles Innovation 06-11 radically innovates as it promotes sustainable business practices for themselves and their members

Can You Build Customer Value without Trust and Transparency? 06-11

one view on the new American Medical Association online service and why it may not work as planned

Leave A Lasting Legacy – Design Your Business Better 06-08

Bill McDonough believes that business will become the solution to environmental and social problems because this time it will be designed right

Customer Experience Mapping – Part 2 06-08

a process strategy for designing, producing and measuring customer experiences

Open Source Gaining Ground Among Scientific Community 06-07

a new research paper on InnoCentive demonstrates that open business models and product co-creation live up to expectations for buyers/sellers (aka seekers and solvers)

A Peek at 2015 – Crowdsourcing Mainstreamed 06-06

one view of the not too distant future

Piracy, Protectionism or Open Source – How “Open Music” May Offer A Better Way in the Music Industry 06-05

how is using open business models and innovative copyright strategies to make better music for artists and fans

Using Customer Experience Mapping as a System for Continuous Improvement – Part 1 06-04

a primer and part 1 on the importance of “customer experience mapping” as a means to create and sustain great brand experiences

Forrester Study: Stakeholder Segmenting Strategy Essential to Online Success 06-04

develop a specific customer engagement strategy for each participant type from among your various information consumers BEFORE you deploy different means of content distribution

Architecture Goes Open Source to Promote Social Good 05-31

Open Architecture Network – an open source online community dedicated to the promotion of an architectural revolution to “improve living conditions through innovative and sustainable design”

Constructing Customer Conversation with New Media the Open Source Way 05-30

radio opensource uses new media and online community to good effect

Global Standards & Certified Practices That Promote Sustainable Business 05-30

a selection of the leading certifications in business sustainability for economic, social and environmental good

Business Week – Sustainability Is the New Driver of Innovation 05-22

Business Week says, “the future of innovation is through becoming more sustainable as a business”

Confidence & Innovation (Part 2) – Turnarounds of Gillette & BBC 05-22

part two of Kanter’s book featuring case studies from Gillette and the BBC

Confidence & Innovation (Part 1) – Importance of Managing Intangible Assets 05-21

Rosbeth Moss Kanter believes to innovate requires managing one’s organizational capital through systems that promote confidence in the organization and in oneself

BBC Innovation Labs – Accelerating Good Ideas into Profitable Opportunities 05-17

just to show that an old media business can innovate itself and become a new media power house using a co-creation process and open source

New Studies Profile Public Attitudes and Change 05-16

MUST read research … 2007 Most Desirable Undergraduate Employers” study by Universum Communications, 2007 Survey on US Public Attitudes on CSR Programs” by National Consumers League and Fleishman-Hillard International Communications, 2006 Alloy College Explorer Study” by Alloy Media and Marketing and Harris Interactive

Gannett Integrates News Consumers into Its News Production Model 05-15

open source strategies and product co-creation re-writing how news is being produced for the “lean forwards” of the world

Reward & Reputation Part 4 – Crowdfunding Products 05-10

product co-creation series part 4 examines new ways of funding new products

Cradle to Cradle Certification Adoption Grows 05-10

possibly the single most important business concept of the 21st Century is gaining traction

HBR Study: “Community Built Around Product Sells More Product” 05-09

online community + your products or services = better $$

An Innovation Lab the Size of Rhode Island 05-09

non profit Business Innovation Factory takes open business models in a new direction

Business Eyes Sustainability As Good for Business 05-08

Ceres “Advancing Sustainable Prosperity” survey conducted last week at the Ceres annual conference in Boston shows that social responsibility has become a good business opportunity

Going from “Tradeshow” to “Solutionshow” via Open Business Model 05-04

a look at NineSigma’s open business models

Global Business Leaders Chart Future Sustainable Business Scenarios 05-03

World Business Council creates four future business scenarios designed to create different environments to assess the impact of certain business strategies

Reward & Reputation Using Paid Models – Part 3 05-03

part 3 in the product co-creation series – this one looks at “crowdsourcing”

Reward & Reputation – Part 2 04-30

part two in series – creating system measurements & metrics to gauge contributions & success for deploying product co-creation

Compelling Storytelling through Design -04-27

design can change how we look and think about things – even complicated issues like global climate change

Reward & Reputation – The Currency of Customer Involvement in Product Co-Creation – Part 1 04-26

how to develop a product and service development strategy that includes your customers throughout the process

MIT Sloan – “Products Often Ignore Customer Needs” 4-20

survey shows business leaders are ready to talk to customers rather than talk at them

Cradle to Cradle – Intelligent Product Design Explored 04-19

read the book and examine some of these case studies of companies who are innovating using C2C

Business 3.0 – Examples of Efforts Underway 4-19

if you need proof that C2C, open business models and product co-creation are important, take a look at some of these innovators showcased by Fast Company

The Importance of Good Design 04-18

the last century had E=MC^2… this century has Waste = Food… this will change everything = Cradle to Cradle certification for product design that is “eco-effective”

Citizen Manufacturer? The Customer Creates What They Want 04-18

MIT fablab shows that even manufacturing can be open sourced

Leading VC Pleads for Execs to Use Personal Power to Rethink Business 04-18

John Doerr, “the über venture capitalist” from Kleiner Perkins has been successfully lobbied to change his “vote” and join efforts to redesign business to be more socially responsible

Business & the Environment Working Together in Europe 04-17

Europe’s Industrial Symbiosis is another compelling and innovative approach to business profitability through sustainability

7,000 Global Business Execs – Customer-Focused Innovation the Next Great Challenge 04-17

Executives are becoming more customer-centric – they felt they do not know enough about their customers, with nearly two-thirds of survey respondents agreeing with the statement “insufficient customer insight is hurting our performance”

Goodbye Blackberry Goodbye Spam – Hello Wiki 04-12

email is so 20th century… say hello to wiki and be more productive

Study of Second Life – Reuters Best Brand Presence 04-12

if you really need to be there then study how Reuters is doing it

A Customer Intimate Strategy Can Leverage A Co-Creation Process 04-12

you need more than a product development process to innovate, you need an organizational strategy that is customer-centric

Car and Home Energy Needs from the Same Place? 04-11

soon you may be buying “gas” for your car and house but not the kind of gas you use now

What Does A 21st Century Sustainable Enterprise Look Like? 04-09

if you are seeking the “business case” on why to become a sustainable business or association look no further

World’s Science Community Say 20-30% of Species Will Die 04-06

if you have a conscience this report from the UN is breathtaking

Death of the 80/20 Rule & the Rise of the Niche Market 04-06

the longtail is all about creating opportunities for many small sales that equal big money

Dissecting Product Co-Creation – Part 2 04-04

part two…open product development doesn’t just happen you need a system

Dissecting the Product Co-Creation Process – Part 1 04-03

showcase on how product co-creation can work to harness the wisdom of the crowd

Different Perspectives, New Innovations 04-02

can a termite mound design really serve as an office tower design that doesn’t need HVAC in Africa?

Publically Funded & Accessible Data Can Tell Powerful Stories 03-29

Hans Rosling and Gapminder show how data can tell profound stories and unlock the truth

“Down Under” Business Deals “by Association” 03-29

an association in Australia has developed an exciting new business based on the open business model

So What Is “I=PxA/T^2″ Anyway? Why Should I Care? 03-28

the story of Interface Carpet’s journey to become an eco-effective business with zero waste

Cambrian House – Out of the Primordial Soup 03-27

a little Canadian company demonstrates how crowdsourcing works in the software industry and has fun doing it

Motivation Behind the Peer Production Phenomenon 03-26

why you should consider adopting product co-creation if you want to attract today and tomorrow’s demanding customers

SecondLife 101 03-23

a primer on what SecondLife is and why businesses get involved with it

InnoCentive – Fortune 500 meets 80K Biochemists Open Business Models 03-23

a leading open business model innovator from Eli Lilly has a model associations should be studying

Always Open, Always On “Ecosystem” of Ideas 03-23

why open business models?…read this




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