Business Eyes Sustainability As Good for Business

8 05 2007

MBDC's Process Diagram for Eco-Effectiveness

(Diagram above – MBDC’s Eco-Effectiveness Process Redesign)

According to the Ceres “Advancing Sustainable Prosperity” survey conducted last week at the Ceres annual conference in Boston, it is clear that social responsibility has become a good business opportunity. Attendees at the two-day conference were queried on a range of topics pertaining to sustainability – the issues, challenges and opportunities for achieving sustainable prosperity in global economy.

Here are some of their findings among the audience of business and investment leaders.

The three areas where sustainability can have the biggest impact on business strategy today:

  • Improve risk management
  • Improve operational efficiency/cost savings
  • Building long-term shareholder value

The three most important sustainability issues that corporations need to address in 2007:

  • Implement sustainability in supply chain strategies
  • Integrate sustainability into product material design
  • Investment in new technologies and products to reduce emissions

“Collaboration, such as partnerships between NGOs, companies and investors, is important for progress on sustainability issues.”

  • Strongly agree 79%
  • Somewhat agree 20%
  • Somewhat disagree 1%

Go to for the complete survey results.




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