Global Business Leaders Chart Future Sustainable Business Scenarios

3 05 2007

Future Sustainable Business Scenarios



The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) believes that the business leaders of tomorrow will need new skills and competencies to cope with increasingly urgent social and environmental challenges.

WBCSD runs a Young Managers Team (YMT) program to engage high-potential young professionals in a long-term campaign to move sustainable development (SD) to the center of business thinking. Last year they developed four future business scenarios designed to create different environments to assess the impact of certain business strategies.

The four scenarios: Bubble, Moon, Loop and Telescope, use either materialistic or conscientious consumers and a fragmented or complementary international regulatory framework as a starting point from which to build different possible futures. You can obtain the slides from the link to the right under the Social Responsibility link WBCSD Scenario Planning.”

The YMT’s tested the scenarios inside their own companies with strategists, sustainability experts and other young professionals and found that they were extremely effective in quickly bringing a diverse group of people to a common level of understanding about the issue and sparking off fresh ideas and discussion.

Scenario planning would be an excellent way for association leaders and their members to come to appreciate how their industries and professions are likely to change and how they can profit from redesigning their models now to capitalize on the future.





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